The evening included a toast by the company’s management and a speech by Sebastian Wagner, Ondřej Blah and Ondřej Fadrný together with the original owner Tomas Kaláb, which was in a positive and friendly spirit. Ondřej Fadrný, Managing Director of Winning PS – Construction Company, Division I, presented us with the publication Winning PS – 30 Years, which catalogued 30 selected buildings from 1993 to 2023. For many of us who did not know the history of the company that well, it was a great surprise to see how spectacular and iconic buildings our company has built.

Last but not least, a big thank you also goes to the team at our restaurant Vittorio, who once again allowed us to sample selected bites of great gastronomy.

29. 4. 2024

We are proud of the completion of a multifunctional apartment building in Prague - Slivenec! This construction, which includes 20 residential units, was successfully realized under the leadership of construction manager Jakub Šplíchal and project manager Richard Remes.

24. 4. 2024

Great news! Congratulations to WinningPS - the construction company and Ondra Fadrny, who received the award on behalf of the whole team on 24.4.2024.

12. 4. 2024

Winning PS - stavební firma s.r.o., took over the construction site for the construction of the Marta Charity Center.