About the company

Formerly KALÁB – stavební firma Ltd. was a family construction company, which since 1993 has completed more than 500 small and large buildings. Since its inception, it has taken pride in ensuring that customers and suppliers feel good about their long-term cooperation. In February 2019 we became part of the Winning Group Holding.                    From March 2022, a new 20-member team with many years of experience in building construction joined the company Winning PS – Stavební firma, which bears the name Division II.

Winning PS – stavební firma Ltd. offers investors complete engineering services. It delivers complete constructions, renovations and repairs of buildings. It guarantees the realization of the order in high quality, the agreed terms and prices. It adheres to technological regulations and discipline. It is known for its buildings mainly in South Moravia.

In building construction, we can do almost anything. The majority of our buildings are realized in the following areas:

Industrial buildings • Civic amenities • Housing • Monuments


Multi-functional building Na Marně, Prague

Extension of the Sonnentor complex, Čejkovice

Kuřim Záhoří – 1st stage, Kuřim

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Winning PS – stavební firma s.r.o.
Křižíkova 2960/72
612 00 Brno
Czech Republic

+420 511 185 800