A new customer tourist centre connected to the existing operational facility was built. An exclusive experiential trail runs through the building, which is an important element of the entire construction, giving us the opportunity to see a large part of the production, educate ourselves and learn more about the whole process of processing herbs and tea production.

The building is of passive standard, recycled materials have been used and at this point the building is almost energy self-sufficient. Interesting features include heating, cooling and hot water using energy from deep geothermal wells or a 12×12 meter glass atrium bringing daylight into the entire building. The building meets all the requirements for the production and operation of a 21st century building. The entire building is managed by a smart BMS system that can be controlled from anywhere on the planet.

29. 4. 2024

We are proud of the completion of a multifunctional apartment building in Prague - Slivenec! This construction, which includes 20 residential units, was successfully realized under the leadership of construction manager Jakub Šplíchal and project manager Richard Remes.

24. 4. 2024

Great news! Congratulations to WinningPS - the construction company and Ondra Fadrny, who received the award on behalf of the whole team on 24.4.2024.

12. 4. 2024

Winning PS - stavební firma s.r.o., took over the construction site for the construction of the Marta Charity Center.