The specialist in monolithic structures and tiling further increases the proportion of work done outside the South Moravian region

Prague, 1st August 2018 – Monolithic construction is one of the building technologies that have been booming in recent years, and not just in the context of the construction market boom. No wonder, because enumeration of the advantages of monoliths is indeed impressive. These include, in particular, high strength and stability of the construction, long service life and the ability to accumulate heat.

Whether a building using monolithic structures fulfills all of the above expectations depends mainly on the quality of the design. Several factors are at play: correct formwork, proper concrete hardening time and many others. This specialization requires extensive experience. The management and building managers in PAMSTAV have been collecting it for more than 20 years, so their know-how can be relied on by the general contractor or the investor. “We have put together a team of concrete building experts and we are able to carry out any monolithic constructions ranging from ceilings of family houses, supporting walls and passes, to concrete skeletons. As we have seen increased demand for our services, we have set up a new centre in Prague, where we are already building several important reference projects,” says Ing. Petr Křůmal from PAMSTAV.

For more than twenty years, the company has been successfully engaged in the supply and installation of tiles in interiors and exteriors. When installing tiles and paving, PAMSTAV specialists work with modern materials while using state-of-the-art technology. “Our goal is good work and customer satisfaction. The fact that the customers give us the job is a great challenge and an essential feedback for us,” adds Ing. Petr Křůmal.

PAMSTAV has been a member of the Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce since 2018 and has ISO quality certificates for construction of buildings. Organizationally, the company is a member of the Winning Group investment group, whose CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors Sebastian Wagner outlines his ambitious plans: “The goal of our company is to become one of the leading Czech suppliers of monolithic constructions. The gradual fulfillment of this challenge is reflected in a rapid growth in turnover over just two years from the start of CZK 40 million to the current CZK 500 million annually,” says Sebastian Wagner, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Winning Group.

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