This is the modification and expansion of the existing facilities of the Rugby Club in Brno Bystrc, which is located in the Ondřej Sekory Campus by the river Svratka, near the center of the old Bystrc. After the expansion of the building, an athletics tunnel and a large gym will be available to young athletes.

4. 9. 2023

We are proud of our achievements and would like to invite you to explore the 2022 Annual Report of the Winning Group.

31. 8. 2023

Winning PS - stavební firma started construction work on the Rugby Brno – Bystrc contract.

3. 8. 2023

On Wednesday 19.7. we celebrated the "glajcha" of the completion of the rough structure (monolith) on the administrative building of Rohan City. On the roof with a view of the surroundings of Rohanský island, the ceremony of hammering the last nail took place with representatives of the company Sekyra Group, AID, Ruby PM and Winning PS – Pamstav.